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Signal Private Messenger for Windows

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  • In English
  • Version: 1.8.0

Free and open-source private mesenger for personal computers

Signal Private Messenger could be the perfect solution for those who have been looking for a safe and secure method to communicate with others. Not only is this bundle quite streamlined, but its intuitive UI ensures that users of all levels can enjoy its benefits. A file size of only 10.88 megabytes enables this application to be a much more scaled-down version of popular third-party packages such as Skype. This open-source software is free to use.

Main Features and Functions

Signal Private Messenger boasts a very familiar layout. It is very easy to search for others based upon their username, their phone number or their email address. Another distinct windfall associated with this system is that it employs the existing phone numbers and address books stored within a current phone. In other words, there is no longer the need to import this information from other sources. Thus, the setup process is much more streamlined.

Other Options

If desired, users can contribute to the source code itself, a valuable tool for developers. It is possible to send video files while video chats are another addendum. Signal Private Messenger is offered by Open Whisper Systems, one of the most trusted software developers on the market today.


  • Users will not be charged to download and use Signal Private Messenger
  • There are nearly 40 different languages supported by this software


  • Video calls may experience lag times or poor image quality
  • There is currently no variant of this package designed for mobile phones


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Signal Private Messenger


Signal Private Messenger 1.8.0 for PC


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