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Communicate securely with Signal Private Messenger

By combining text messaging and voice-over IP calling, Single Private Messenger is a full communication package for your mobile device. The free and ad-free app lets you send secure messages and encrypts videos on your mobile device. With the ability to send messages to non-Signal users, it virtually replaces the need to use your existing SMS app.


Signal Private Messenger is an attractive and clean open source texting and video chat tool. Unlike similar services like Wickr, Signal does not require users to set up an account. The app authorises your device by sending a text message. Once you are set up, you can import existing messages into the app?s encrypted archive. The add is quick and responsive, and uses strong encryption tools to secure your communications. A QR system also lets you confirm who you are talking to on the app. Any messages sent to non-Signal users is not encrypted. Instead, it is sent as a standard text. Group messaging is also possible with Signal Private Messenger.

In conclusion...

Overall, Signal Private Messenger is one of the best secure messaging apps currently available. It looks good and is easy to use. Best of all, the app is handy for all your daily messaging news whether you want to send a text or video chat.


  • Good alternative to SMS apps
  • Strong and smart encryption including encrypted voice chat


  • Transition between insecure and secure discussions awkward
  • Only able to read messages on one device


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Signal Private Messenger


Signal Private Messenger 3.29.6 for Android


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